Anleenta Hua Hin Elevates Guest Experience with OKKAMI’s Web App

In a strategic partnership with OKKAMI, Anleenta Hua Hin has introduced the web app as an add-on feature alongside its hotel app to redefine guest interaction.This innovative approach caters to modern preferences by offering a seamless experience, especially advantageous for single properties. The OKKAMI web app provides guests with convenient access to essential information and services, elevating the overall guest experience without the complexities associated with dedicated applications.

This integrated solution seamlessly blends with the robust OKKAMI CRM profiles, ensuring guests at Anleenta Hua Hin enjoy instant access to relevant hotel information. From front desk interactions to spa bookings, guests can effortlessly customize their stay. Notably, the app maintains a consistent brand experience by utilizing the same Content Management System (CMS) as native apps, reflecting Anleenta Hua Hin’s commitment to a unified branding strategy. This strategic partnership represents a noteworthy leap forward in modernizing guest interactions within the dynamic hospitality industry.

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Located on the picturesque Pak Nam Pran bay, its beach is a mecca for kite surfing enthusiasts from around the world, the Aleenta Hua Hin – Pranburi suites and beachfront villas* are always within steps from the beach, with a stunning view of the gulf of Thailand, most with a private pool.  Quiet and quaint, eclectic and always personalized, it epitomizes the barefoot luxury beach house where no 2 rooms are the same, the resort is beloved by so many of its returning guests over the years, most have their “favorite room” to return to. The award winning Ayurah Spa offers traditional and holistic treatments from expert healing hands.