Considerations for the Right Technology at Your Property

Technology has always been integrated with hotels and service orientated businesses within the hospitality industry. However, since covid-19, there has been a significant shift to utilize technology across many of the business units within the hotel and to enhance the guest experience, therefore increasing the benchmark for guest expectations. Hotels are now trying to do more with less resources and are relying in technology to do it.


Having the right technology in place will not only benefit the guests, but also the property owners, managers and employees. However, starting out with the wrong technology and hardware could be a very costly mistake. Each property usually has different needs and requirements which means hotels should have custom solutions to fit their requirements. Therefore, it’s important for the property to conduct research on the solutions available and diligently evaluate the capabilities and cost of the technology to be implemented to make sure it’s the perfect solution for your particular hotel or property.


There are three (3) key areas to consider when looking to integrate a property wide platform; (1). Guests who are staying at the property, (2). Employees who are working at the property, and (3). The Owners and Managers who are financing and operating the property.



From the guest perspective, technology is a necessity so that contactless options for hygiene safety and convenience are available. This allows the property to highlight guest-facing hotel technology, and its benefits can be a way to attract guests who are looking for a technology enabled guest experience.



The employees of the property can also benefit from the hotel technology. For the property to fully benefit, the system should be easy to understand and operate. If on the other hand it’s hard to understand and does not have a clear process and function, employees will be resistant and the principals aren’t going to get the results they’re looking for.



Similar to any property, the principals always need to understand and be able to calculate the return on investment (ROI) before committing to any capital expenses. For most technology integrations, the ROI comes from time saved. Other considerations are by way of increased guest satisfaction and customer loyalty. It’s important to understand the reason for the technology to be implemented and to be able to measure and compare the ROI to the goal which has been set.


Owners and managers should have a clear idea of exactly how the technology will help them and be given clear metrics and benchmarks to understand how it has improved the efficiency and operations at the property.