Empowering Hotels and Resorts: OKKAMI Teams Up with PayPlus for Effortless Payments

In a groundbreaking move for the hospitality sector, OKKAMI has recently partnered with PayPlus to revolutionize payment processes for hotels and resorts. This collaboration seamlessly integrates OKKAMI’s renowned guest engagement platform with PayPlus’s advanced payment solutions, providing a unified experience for both guests and businesses. This integration not only streamlines the payment process but also enhances the overall guest experience by allowing them to seamlessly navigate through various services offered by Hotel and make secure payments through PayPlus.

What sets this collaboration apart is the flexibility it offers hotels and resorts. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of each establishment, they can schedule payments as either single-time transactions or set up recurring payments directly through the hotel app. This customization empowers businesses to cater to the unique preferences of their guests, providing a personalized and convenient payment experience.

Furthermore, the PayPlus API ensures a simple and fast integration of secure credit card payments, compliant with the strict standards of credit card companies (PCI DSS LEVEL 1). This advanced security feature underscores the commitment of OKKAMI and PayPlus to safeguarding guest information during financial transactions. This secure integration also aligns with the industry’s highest standards for credit card security, instilling confidence in both guests and businesses.

In addition to its robust payment features, PayPlus seamlessly integrates with hotel management solutions such as Opera Cloud and Oracle PMS V5. These cloud-based platforms streamline various processes related to bookings, guest management, and more. This synergy not only enhances the efficiency of hotel operations but also provides a cohesive experience for both guests and hotel staff. As the hospitality industry continues to embrace such innovative solutions, collaborations like OKKAMI and PayPlus, with their commitment to security and efficiency, are poised to shape the future of guest services in the digital era.