Enhance Your Guests Arrival Journey With OKKAMI’s Omni Channel Contactless Pre Check-In

Technology has proven to be a boon to the hospitality industry especially post covid. From online check-in to room service the guests can now access all the hotel services in just one click. A recent survey has shown that 71% of consumers are more likely to stay in a hotel offering  self-service tech, and 73% of hoteliers agree that self service tech will become increasingly more important to their business. Today´s guests are increasingly tech-savvy, they expect a seamless and personalized digital guest experience when it comes to their stay and travel.

With OKKAMI’s omni channel Contactless Check-in the  guests will have full control of their check-in process prior to arrival. Guests no longer need to download the hotel app, with OKKAMI guests get the freedom to enjoy the self check-in  process from anywhere by using their own social media account. Hence the  guests can now enjoy the flexibility and safety that comes with  omni channel contactless check-in process . By submitting data digitally, e.g. via social media and other chat channels, adds to the overall comfort and convenience and tends to increase guests satisfaction. Live chat has made it easier than ever for people to drop a line to their favorite  hotel or resort property – and can get the answers they require within minutes. With OKKAMI now hotels can chat with guests in real-time using various live chat channels like Website Chat, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, Viber, Google Business Chat, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, Vibe, Telegram and also Instagram.

OKKAMI recently launched an update to their existing pre-check-in to streamline the guest registration process by simply using their email ID or Last Name. This recent improvement has made pre check-in more convenient, especially for guests who have booked their stay using OTAs so the guests no longer need to find and use their booking confirmation number to complete their pre check-in. Specifically, for Opera PMS customers, the pre check-in can be done using the guest email ID and Check-In Date. For HMS clients the pre check-in can be done using the guest Last Name and Check-in Date.

Mentioned below are 5 ways  hotels can benefit from OKKAMI’s Contactless Check-In: 

-Easy And Quick

Collect all the details you need from guests upfront and offer relevant upsells before arrival. Hotel guests simply fill out a digital registration form with all the required details along with their ID proof and digital signature. Hotels are able to streamline the front desk check-in process and keep their staffing cost down while reducing physical interaction. The front desk can also communicate important pre-arrival information and manage guests expectations to ensure a smooth arrival.

-Increase Marketing Opportunities

By adding a mobile check-in service, it helps to capture additional guests data during the check-In process, thus growing the hotels email lists with guest preferences and interests. Using this data, the hotel can further segment their audience and create personalized campaigns to target guests prior to their arrival and throughout their stay.

-Minimize Chargebacks And Fraud

Throughout the check-in process, the mobile app captures and authorizes guest’s credit card data securely; This allows the hotel to minimize the risk of chargebacks and fraud, ensuring that all incidentals will be covered. The guests can also benefit from a smooth check-out process as their card can be automatically processed when they check-out.

-Improve front desk efficiency

Thanks to mobile check-in, the front desk staff are always well informed and can provide a quick response when the requests are completed. They can also easily monitor and assign dedicated tasks to team members and ensure the guests are receiving an instant and efficient service. The front desk can now save time during the check-in process and focus more on revenue-generating tasks and improving the guest experience.

-Strengthen Brand Identity

Mobile check-in is definitely a service that can be seen as an added benefit to users. Having a contactless check-in process allows customers to view their experience at your hotel as seamlessly as possible, thereby increasing brand loyalty. Throughout the process, the hotel can also present unique upselling opportunities such as spas and massage treatments or even discount tours. By providing guests with a personalized experience, guests are likely to rebook in the future, thus boosting brand identity and loyalty.

OKKAMI’s omni channel contactless pre check-in provides a safe and efficient self-check-in experience to all hotel guests. Get in touch with us to learn how express check-in  can increase guest satisfaction and revenue. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like live chat, in-room dining, service bookings, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance, and much more!