Enhancing Pairing Code Accuracy: OKKAMI’s Flexible Exclusion Feature for Hotel Guests!

In order to provide a seamless experience for hotel guests, OKKAMI has implemented a new feature that excludes certain characters from the pairing key generation. By addressing the issue of mistaken characters and numerals, OKKAMI aims to improve accuracy and enhance guest satisfaction. Let’s explore the details of this flexibility and its implementation.

Flexible Exclusion of Special Characters:

To prevent confusion, OKKAMI now provides the flexibility to exclude specific characters from the pairing key generated for hotel guests. This customization option ensures that the pairing key is clear and easily understandable, minimizing any potential confusion on the part of the guest.

Addressing Common Character Misinterpretation:

Certain characters and numerals can be easily misinterpreted by users, leading to challenges in entering the pairing code. OKKAMI has identified specific combinations that often cause confusion, such as lowercase letter ‘o’ and numeral ‘0’, uppercase letter ‘I’ and lowercase letter ‘l’, and uppercase letter ‘O’ and numeral ‘0’. By excluding these combinations from the pairing code generation process, OKKAMI reduces the likelihood of guest challenges.

What OKKAMI Customers Need To Know:

To ensure consistency across the system, OKKAMI will ensure that all new pairing codes generated adhere to the exclusion rules, while older codes remain unaffected.