Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Guest Journey with OKKAMI PropTech Solutions

Innovative Ways to Increase Mobile App and Web App Usage at Your Hotel

Now that your property has launched its Mobile Key or Guest Experience application the fun part of the digital journey begins. To ensure that you and your guests get the most possible use out of it, we recommend that you put some thought into a few areas. Below we’ve collected our best tips & tricks on how to engage guests and increase the usage of your Installable App or Web App.

Before the Guest Arrives

Introduce the Mobile App as early as possible to your guests

The most effective way is to make sure guests are aware of your app in advance so they are more likely to download it and explore the features in advance. Use the pre-stay phase to your advantage and brag about your mobile option on your website, on booking sites, and in the pre-arrival communication to guests to create awareness.


Promote with App Exclusive Offers

To further stimulate the app usage, challenge your guests and offer them something in return when downloading and using the app or mobile key.

  • Build a general excitement around downloading the app.
  • Create irresistible offers, exclusively available only for app users to generate interest.
  • Reward guests who complete the mobile check-in/checkout by offering them free coffee or access to amenities you usually have to pay extra for.


Well-crafted Pre-arrival Information

Through our third-party guest communication providers, you can make sure guests are off to the best possible start before even arriving at your hotel. By sending a pre-arrival email or SMS containing information about your app and the value it provides, guests also feel more comfortable trying it out.

Present the option to use your app early on and share the benefits of using it for check-in, mobile keys, etc. Provide easy instructions on how to download & use the app ahead of arrival to make sure guests feel well-prepared.


Spread the Word in Your Socials

Your own website and social channels provide a great opportunity for you to raise further awareness about your mobile option to loyal guests or people in search of a hotel.

  • Create a sticker for the app and put it on the homepage of your website for easy download.
  • Include a FAQ page on your website and answer the most common app questions you get.
  • Regularly promote the app on your social channels and offer special deals for guests downloading and using it.


A Selling App Description

Provide a good description of the app on Google Play and App Store so guests clearly understand the value of your app. By including simple keywords you can also improve the relevancy and ranking of your app, ultimately supporting the download rate.

Whilst at the Property

Empower Your Best App Advocates

The guests have arrived at your hotel, downloaded your app and it’s finally time for them to experience your mobile solution in action. Make sure they are greeted by a team of well-informed app advocates who can share the greatness of using the app.


Alternate & Keep it Relevant

Just like your website, your app needs to be regularly updated in order to fulfill its purpose as well as stay interesting to guests. But updating the app isn’t equal to redoing it from scratch, it’s a matter of alternating and tweaking the same type of content to make it look new and more relevant.

  • Add new promotions and offers in the app – update often and follow the seasons and holidays.
  • Send in-app notifications – with discounts, information, and upcoming hotel activities.


The Bonus Material Guests Didn’t Know They Needed

Once you have your guests on property, make things easy for them. Helping them save time and offering them tools to enhance their experience can be a big win. By offering guests the ability to navigate easily and find fun nearby you’ll be delivering an added value most hotels can only hope to achieve at the concierge desk.

  • Local Restaurant Guide
  • Museums & nearby excursions
  • Map of the surroundings and different transportation options.
  • A list of fun things to do on the property


Your Best App Ambassadors

Whether it’s someone working at your breakfast buffet or in your maintenance team, they should know about your guest app. That doesn’t mean they have to be app experts, but they should at least know that the app exists and have an idea of what it can offer guests. By doing so, they are prepared for any questions they might receive from guests walking by. If you’re lucky, they might even promote it to guests not using it.

  • Introduce existing and new team members to the app and give them an overview of the functionality.
  • Start an internal challenge between the front desk staff and see who can get the most guests to start using the app.


On-premises Guidance & Signage

If guests for some reason have missed or forgotten about the possibility to check-in and out through their phone or use a mobile key, make sure to remind them when they step inside your hotel.

  • Place a sign, digital screen, or a”roll-up” in your lobby promoting the app, include a QR code for easy download.
  • If possible, display information about your app on the tv-screens that welcome guests in their rooms.
  • A simple tabletop display in the guest rooms is an easy way to introduce guests to the key functionality of the app.

After Staying at the Property

Stay Connected After the Departure

The guest may be back at home, already focused in their daily routines but they’ll still have your app on their mobile reminding them of their stay. Use this to your advantage and keep the conversation going.


Build Loyalty By Continuing the Conversation

Since you control the content in your hotel app, take the opportunity to follow up with a special return offer to build loyalty and a relationship with guests.

  • Promote a discount for booking the next stay directly in the app.
  • Use in-app notifications to share attractive pricing for Book Next Stay in the app


Regularly Review Your App Ratings

Understand what guests think could be improved with your mobile guest journey by regularly reading your app reviews, both in Google Play and the App Store. Bad reviews and low ratings can make guests hesitant to download the app so make sure to follow up and monitor the engagement on these platforms too.

  • Set up a routine to make sure reviews get reviewed, and by who.
  • After departure, invite guests to review the mobile guest journey to better understand their experience.


Ask Guests To Evaluate the App

Your guests are the best judges when it comes to reviewing your app and mobile guest journey. Therefore, In conjunction with their departure or just closely after, make sure to ask them how they found your app to get an understanding of what’s working and what could be further improved.

  • Add a link to a form on your website or refer guests to an external review tool.


OKKAMI Inc. was founded in 2016 to cater to travelers and enhance all aspects of their journey. We provide businesses in the hospitality industry with an IoT and guest engagement technology platform to better connect with customers, finalise transactions, and improve guest satisfaction. The platform also includes managed in-room devices in addition to downloadable apps for both iOS and Android.

As of today, OKKAMI provides our products and features to over 500 properties globally across North America, Europe, and Asia. Our solution includes over 50+ integrations with leading hospitality vendors allowing hassle free connection of 3rd party services. OKKAMI is the global leading all-in-one solution to integrate with hotel systems such as PMS, POS, lighting, door locks, loyalty programs, spa booking and more.