How OKKAMI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve the Guest Engagement Experience

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve it has become a powerful business tool when accompanied with clean data. For a business that provides interfaces or software to improve the customer or guest experience, it’s critical for the top tier providers to use AI. This has enabled OKKAMI in being able to provide a superior platform to vastly improve the entire guest journey resulting with improved guest satisfaction.


OKKAMI Guest Engagement ChatBot

Hotel guests and online customers have a more streamlined support or buying experience if there is some form of automation for online engagement. ChatBots are a great example of AI customer engagement as long as the experience is hassle-free. The OKKAMI ChatBot is programmed with conversational algorithms that can be used in several different customer scenarios.


Personalization of Services to the Guest

Artificial Intelligence uses a process known as predictive personalization to monitor customer behavior and then predict their next series of actions. This level of customization makes the overall experience feel as if it’s catered to each customer. OKKAMI uses this technology to create a personalized experience for its users by predicting behavior and then recommending products or food menu items that customers are interested in.


The OKKAMI 3-Prong Approach for Improving Guest Satisfaction with AI

When your property has made the decision to incorporate Artificial Intelligence, OKKAMI has the tools, experience and track record to be successful at improving the guest experience.


Personalize the Customer Experience

One of the main advantages of AI is to offer personalized products and services. Customers no longer need to spend time researching to find a suitable product or service. Such examples that work flawlessly in our day-to-day lives are YouTube, Netflix and Amazon which provide recommendations based on user history.


Use Chatbots to Augment Customer Service

The key to efficient AI is clean and accurate data. One of the methods for collecting data is through chatbots. Such technology is configured to support customer engagement through business communication channels. Chatbots serve as a guide for your customers, leading them all of the way through the journey. They create awareness, interest, and help the customer decide to take action. AI can continue the cycle of personalizing a conversation with potential customers by serving as a sales assistant.


Use AI-Enabled Analytics to Identify Customer Insights

As online users navigate the internet, or your businesses platform, customers leave a digital trail. By analyzing their digital footprint, we can better understand the customer and recommend more suited services and products which lead to a higher chance of making a sale or client acquisition. It is possible for the property to analyze content such as feedback, service requests, and interaction times to discover what services the guests are interested in, which in turn improves customer satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence Results in Higher Guest Satisfaction

Traditionally customer interactions were face to face and required a substantial number of resources to manage. However, with the integration of AI, OKKAMI is taking the customer experience to a whole new level. Properties in the hospitality and service industry are beginning to see Artificial Intelligence as a necessity rather than an unnecessary expense, especially when higher guest satisfaction is a result of an efficient and personalized customer journey.


OKKAMI is a digital guest engagement solution that is built specifically for the hospitality industry. It provides guests with contactless express check-ins and check-outs and room controls that enable them to control all room components without having to touch any buttons on the wall. OKKAMI offers hotel owners four unique pricing plans to choose from including the Starter, Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Pro packages.

If you are interested in finding out more about our guest engagement software, contact OKKAMI today for a demo.