MARRAKESH Hua Hin Joins Our OKKAMI Family

Marrakesh’s pursuit of minimal sensibility to enhance guests’ experience is the perfect fit for OKKAMI’s live chat feature, linking all social media channels such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Web Chat, and WeChat into one dashboard. OKKAMI’s live chat feature includes a promotional dashboard which allows hotel staff  to create campaigns to target users on multiple chat platforms. Ultimately, this allows the hotel to engage in personalised guest interaction. Guests can make bookings and confirm purchases from all supported chat channels.

“The live chat feature is one of the easiest systems we have used and solves a lot of our obstacles. The program highlights its user-friendly platform and reinforces our communication to guests and within the organisation”

-Yosyus Panyarachun (Marketing Communications Manager)


About the Hotel

Marrakesh delicately blends a fusion of Moroccan and modern elements into a perfect seaside getaway. Their 76 suites meld rich colours, sultry textures, and beautiful arches into a Morrocan celebration of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. At Marrakesh, every wall tells a story of Arabian culture balanced by the ocean’s blue and soulful salvation. Every suite constitutes space enhancement and maximum privacy.

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