OKKAMI Delights Customers with New Feature Enhancements

Loyalty Program:

OKKAMI is building a customized loyalty program for all branded hotel app group based on the current OKKAMI guest profiles system. Guest profiles will be made visible to all customers via the branded hotel group app and online white labeled guest profile management website. With one solution hotels will be able to fully engage with customers and guest for acquisition, marketing and historical data.

  • Guests can view spending history & points conversion

  • Guests can use points for redemption offers from hotels

  • Staff can view information such as average spending based on outlets

  • Hotels can use data for the enhancement of Customer Relationship Management

Inventory Management:

Bundled into the OKKAMI app will feature an inventory management system for hotels. Hotels can now keep track of inventories such as spa, shuttle services, etc. automatically up to date. This allows the hotels to:

  • Maximise reservations
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Automatically update customers on availability of services
  • Remove any manual work for hotel staff

Live Chat feature update:

Getting feedback from customers is the key to success for OKKAMI. This year, we have made an update to our live chat product features to allow the hotel to provide better guest experience without guests needing to download app. Hotels are now able to:

  • Send product items to customers through social media channels. This allows the customers to purchase pre-arrival offers before getting to the hotels without having to install the app
  • Assign staff or team to chat windows
  • Redirect messages to the right department / staff for relevant information
  • Shortcut to create promotions / pop up for all social media chat channels
  • Select a “Mark as done” button to let other staff know that the chat window has been attended by another staff