OKKAMI Enhances Hospitality with Pre-Check-In Guest Preference Collection for Personalized Stays

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality technology, providing personalized experiences is key to guest satisfaction. That’s why we’re excited to announce that OKKAMI now supports guest preference collection during the pre-check-in process. This feature allows hotels to update profile-specific preferences using the webstore pre-check-in service, ensuring that each guest’s stay is tailored to their unique preferences and needs.

This enhancement is seamlessly integrated into the pre-check-in workflow, enabling hotels to collect and update guest preferences efficiently and effectively. Whether guests are using the webstore pre-check-in service or the hotel mobile app, they will have the opportunity to provide valuable information about their preferences through a questionnaire on the last screen of the data collection process.

The primary goal of this feature is to collect guest and profile-level preferences directly within Opera, which can then be seamlessly fed into the hotel’s CRM system. By capturing this data early in the guest journey, hotels can personalize every aspect of the guest experience, from room amenities to dining options, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for each guest.

In conclusion, OKKAMI’s support for pre-check-in preference collection represents a significant step forward in enhancing guest experiences and maximizing operational efficiency for hotels. By leveraging this feature, hotels can gather valuable insights into guest preferences and seamlessly integrate them into their CRM systems, paving the way for personalized and unforgettable stays. As technology continues to evolve, OKKAMI remains committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional experiences for both guests and hoteliers alike.