OKKAMI Guest Engagement Experience Extends To Villa Tantawan

Villa Tantawan’s commitment to hospitality excellence is a testament that OKKAMI endorses. Moreover, OKKAMI will assist the General Manager’s operations by combining two properties’ communication channels into one comprehensive dashboard. OKKAMI is poised to deliver an all-in-one live chat and guest profile management engagement solution for Villa Tantawan, whereby connecting all social media channels into one convenient platform. The platform also allows marketing to perform promotional efforts because today, 63% of guests expect companies to offer customer service through social media and 90% of guests are using social media to communicate with businesses.

“When OKKAMI introduced their all-in-one live chat feature, they instantly became our guest engagement solution. On top of that, we are now benefiting from their seamless promotional tool that allows us to send messages to all our social media platforms from one dashboard” -Hament Rai (General Manager)

About the Hotel

Villa Tantawan is a collection of luxurious villas with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. The villas are nestled into the bottom of the Kamala hills. Villa Tantawan’s oceanfront character invites a gentle breeze that kisses every corner of the property creating a tranquil, yet welcoming retreat. Villa Tantawan ticks all the right boxes when it comes to privacy and comfort- from private infinity pools to ensuite bathrooms and a fully equipped European kitchen.

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