OKKAMI Introduces “Digital Store Management” Feature

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, globally we’ve seen a massive shift in people’s behavior towards more digital habits. With this in mind, OKKAMI has helped the hotels to digitize their offering with the ultimate goal of making their operations more efficient, flexible as well as helping the hotel to exceed the guests expectations. Recent study shows that 47% of the guests would be more likely to order room service if the hotel would give them the option of ordering via an app. OKKAMI’s digital menu allows the hotel to digitize all their onsite menus and enable the guests to order and pay online. This feature is easy to adopt, does not require frequent updates (like a paper menu) and it’s very user friendly.

Guests can place orders using the OKKAMI branded App or simply scanning your QR code digital menu. Digital menus can be easily modified in real-time by adding, updating, or removing a product/service or can be tailored to the guest’s specific needs. Being able to provide a seamless and contactless ordering experience to the guests with the click of a button, the services become more accessible and makes it more likely that the guests will place the order.


Multi Language Support

First and foremost, OKKAMI digital store supports 16 different languages to help the hotel to expand their reach and serve their guests in a language they’re comfortable with. Hotels can also fully customize their menus with images, descriptions, pricing and the overall look and feel to reflect their branding.

Build Brand loyalty:

Because of how easy it is to update your design and content with OKKAMI’s digital menu, you can use them as a brand-building opportunity without having to invest a lot of time. By incorporating mobile accessibility, you not only reach a larger audience, but you provide flexibility and convenience to help build up brand loyalty. Satisfied customers will not only repeat their business, they’ll often spread the word on social media and engage more often with marketing initiatives.

Order Accuracy:

With OKKAMI digital store menus, the customer sees the entire order before submitting it removing human error from the equation. When a customer makes an order by phone or in person, oftentimes miscommunication occurs and employees make mistakes in their orders. As a result, customers are unhappy, food is wasted and revenue is lost. With OKKAMI’s digital store menus, the entire ordering process can be streamlined, with zero risk error. 

Save Your Employees Time:

By allowing your guests to use OKKAMI’s mobile App or QR codes to order food online, hotels end up saving their staff quite a bit of time. With OKKAMI’s digital menu, hotels can consolidate and manage all their online orders, from menu management to online payments that an employee usually has to manually take. Additional features available in OKKAMI also help the guests to schedule orders prior to their arrival at the hotel and specify their desired date and time for delivery. The staff members can track in real-time the order status which leaves your team more time to focus on the guests and prepare the food.

Increase Revenue

When the ordering process is easy, it increases the likelihood that the guests will complete their order. People are looking for a fast, immediate service which is why the user experience is critical when someone is ready to make a purchase. Since the guests have more time to browse the online menu, there’s a greater chance that they’ll add extra items to their orders.

To summarize, OKKAMI’s digital store is easy and convenient to manage and use. Hotels and restaurants can quickly add specials, remove out of stock items and add different languages to improve their guests interaction. Get in touch with us to learn more about this amazing contactless feature and explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like live chat, in-room dining, service bookings, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance, pre-check-in/check-out and much more!