OKKAMI is at the forefront for in-hotel technology to deliver high rating guest experiences

Explore the in-room technology from OKKAMI that not only streamlines internal procedures, but also enhances the groups brand and creates a seamless guest experience.

With significant advances in digital technology, it’s quickly being adopted within the hospitality industry. Not only are small hoteliers implementing the changes, the large corporate brands are also investing in new technologies and in-house tools to better improve their guest experience.

OKKAMI will enable the property to streamline operations, automate processes, facilitate marketing procedures, improve cybersecurity, and provide comfort to the guests. This results in more sustainable properties, allowing hoteliers to focus on other core areas such as customer service.

OKKAMI is always listening to feedback and desires from hotels and guest which allows the technology to evolve and keep current with new trends. This ensure the property will always be competitive with guest facing technologies and products. Three growing trends that are in the OKKAMI product line are;

1. Cloud based systems to ensure platform independence and easy accessibility

Even though we are all aware of cloud-based systems and has become the norm for most systems and products, hotels can be slow to change. Many properties still operate on locally managed software and utilize communication channels which are outside of the property’s controls such as personal messaging applications on staff personal phones.

By implementing cloud-based systems and communication channels both on property and between properties, brings both better ownership, security and redundancy to the property or group of properties.


2. In room technologies to create a home like experience

One of the biggest trends OKKAMI has seen in the hospitality industry this last 12 months is the demand for in-room technology. If you are a global brand, it’s a good idea to have a similar setup between each of the properties so that there is a sense of familiarity for the guest.

Some of the major trends in this area are Interactive TVs, Smart Thermostats, In-Room Tablets, and Digital Room Service menus with easy ordering.


3. Beacon technology for direct communication and proximity marketing

Even though this technology is new in hospitality, OKKAMI has been implementing it in shopping centers and retails spaces. The beacon technology is location-based sensors that can be situated throughout the property and send messages to the guests based on specific triggers, specifically proximity.

A common implementation would be when the guest is checking in, they receive a special discount or promotion for room upgrade. Another useful strategy, is when the guest is near the gift shop, they receive a discount or promotion related to the gift shop and likewise, when near the spa or another hotel facility.




By implementing these points at the hotel, resort or property, not only are you enhancing the guest experience, you are also creating additional revenue through direct efficient marketing and a more unified brand presence.