OKKAMI is the best solution to help Hotels open following Covid-19

The OKKAMI Covid-19 defense package provides hotels and guests with contactless engagement, while still ensuring the brand’s high level of hospitality service standards are met.

Feedback from OKKAMI customers during the Covid-19 pandemic is that the OKKAMI platform is the best-in-the-market IoT solution for contactless guest engagement. Under the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the company understands the difficulties that every business is currently facing. OKKAMI realizes the significant steps required to manoeuvre through this difficult time and understands what tools your property needs to be in a position to be successful during the recovery period.

“Our Covid-19 defense solution helps hotels to improve guest relations whilst reducing direct contact. As a result, this translates into an improved guest experience and a higher level of satisfaction when compared to a hotel that has not implemented a digital footprint.” said Andres Borbon, President & CTO of OKKAMI.

The OKKAMI Covid-19 product line provides hotels the necessary tools to save costs, generate revenue, and increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing contact points. These features are meant to provide hotels and guests with contactless engagement, while still ensuring the brand’s hospitality service standards are met. The selected key Covid-19 defense features that OKKAMI would like to introduce include contactless express check-in/out, mobile key, live chat, fulfillment request & staff ticketing system, digital menus, 3rd party sellers/stores within a brand app, room controls and promotions.


OKKAMI Inc. was founded in 2016 to cater to travelers and enhance all aspects of their journey. The company provides businesses in the hospitality industry with an IoT and guest engagement technology platform to better connect with customers, finalize transactions, and improve guest satisfaction. The platform also includes managed in-room devices in addition to downloadable apps for both iOS and Android. Visit https://www.okkami.com/ to learn more.


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