OKKAMI is The Perfect Solution For Covid-19 & The Hospitality Industry

Greetings from OKKAMI. In light of the recent pandemic of Covid-19, OKKAMI promises to continue to provide our stakeholders with best-in-the-market IoT solutions and dedicated customer support. Under the recent pandemic of Covid-19, we understand the difficulties that every business is currently facing. Thus, OKKAMI realises the significant steps required to manoeuvre through this difficult time and be properly equipped for the recovery period.

OKKAMI have developed key features that would provide hotels the necessary tools to save costs, generate revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. These features are meant to provide hotels and guests with contactless engagement, while still ensuring the brand’s hospitality service standards are met. The features that OKKAMI would like to introduce include contactless express check-in/out, mobile key, live chat, fulfillment request & staff ticketing system, digital menus, 3rd party sellers/stores within a brand app, room controls and promotions.

Contactless Express Check-In/Out

Allow guests to request a pre-check-in. Guests can upload a passport photo and all required information needed for check-in such as an arrival card. Once the hotel checks the guests in, they can go to a special line to pick-up the key. If a mobile key is available, then guests can go directly to the room and open their room through their app. For check-out, they may use the mobile app to review their folio and perform an express check-out.

Mobile Key

No need to visit the front desk; the guest can go directly to their assigned room once the front desk operator has checked them in. Unlimited number of keys can be issued when additional guests use the pairing code provided to them via email which is sent upon check-in.

Live Chat

Allow customers to communicate on their own devices without having to pick-up the room phone. Staff can reply safely from the comfort of their office or from one centralized location. This will keep the staff safe but can also reduce the cost of needing additional staff onsite.

Guest Request & Staff Ticketing

Allow guests to make requests without having to pick up the phone or request an item in person. Staff can also assign tickets / work orders to other team members without having to be in the same location. Guests can request that deliveries are contactless. Service staff will leave the tray in front of the door and ring / knock to alert the guests.

Digital Menus

Allow customers to scan a QR code or use the location branded / OKKAMI app to view menus. Customers can also choose to place an order using the digital menu. Reduce the need for paper in the guest rooms. Guests can view and order from anywhere.

3rd Party Stores In Branded App

Allow 3rd parties like tour operators, restaurants, cleaning services, and local shops to list their products and services in the hotel app. OKKAMI or the hotel can manage the relationship.

Room Controls

Allow guests to control all room components from their mobile without having to touch any of the buttons on the wall.


Allow guests to get updates on promotions within the hotel. Promotions can be sent based on location or scheduled to go out at set times.

There is no better time to invest in guest engagement solutions for your business than now. Do not miss this opportunity and get in touch with us!

We would be more than happy to present a demo of our new key features.