OKKAMI Revolutionizes Spa Bookings: Introducing Seamless Access for Non-Guests!

OKKAMI is pleased to announce updates to our supported workflows with renowned spa management systems such as Zenoti, Booker, and Book4Time, to introduce a groundbreaking feature exclusively tailored for non guests. This collaboration aims to redefine the spa experience by extending the flexibility of our spa booking service to non-in-house guests. Now, whether you are a local resident or a visitor, you can avail yourself of the convenience of making spa bookings through the hotel app.

With this seamless integration, OKKAMI revolutionizes the accessibility of spa services for unpaired guests. No longer limited to hotel guests, all individuals can now enjoy the benefits of effortless booking through the hotel app. The process has been simplified, allowing guests to browse through an extensive range of rejuvenating treatments, check appointment availability, and secure their desired time slot with utmost ease.

Furthermore, our updated system introduces a remarkable pre-arrival spa booking service, which ensures that both hotel guests and non-in-house guests can plan their spa treatments in advance. By accessing the hotel app, guests can schedule their preferred spa services even before their arrival, eliminating any concerns about availability or last-minute scheduling challenges.

This innovative approach brings advantages not only for guests but also for hotels. For guests, the upgraded spa management system streamlines the booking process and grants them the freedom to access spa services without the need for room pairing or check-in formalities. It offers a seamless and convenient experience from the comfort of their own homes or any other location. Consequently, guests can fully maximize their leisure time and immerse themselves in a truly rejuvenating spa experience.

For hotels, the updated spa management system offers an organized approach to spa booking management. It minimizes the risk of overlapping bookings and allows the staff to dedicate their efforts towards providing exceptional service to guests. This optimization enhances the overall operational efficiency of the hotel, ultimately leading to a more positive and memorable guest experience.