OKKAMI Launches Interactive Map Feature To Help Guest Find Points Of Interest In Resorts Worldwide!

Hotel Industries are incorporating the latest technologies into their properties to enhance guest experience. Interactive maps offer guests a high level of convenience and efficiency, and also a sense of luxury. Hotel chains are now preferring a resort map for their properties, especially resorts that want to simplify the access to their facilities and amenities in a user-friendly way. Interactive map offers a better view of the resort which allows guests to easily identify the resort and help to locate all of the activities available. 

OKKAMI’s interactive map feature has been added to the OKKAMI portfolio, it provides geographic context to existing website content, supporting travel ideas and locations. OKKAMI’s interactive map feature will allow resorts to upload the property map and pinpoint all of the activities, locations and restaurants so that the guests can easily access additional information such as images, descriptions and interactive links. Interactive maps offers a modern alternative to traditional maps, delivering additional guest benefits and providing a more user-friendly experience. OKKAMI’s interactive resort maps are built-in with Google and Apple’s map technologies, this allows guests to navigate around the resort, check all of the amenities and never get lost again. 

OKKAMI can fully customize your resort map following your brand guidelines, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience for all of your guests. With OKKAMI, your hotel and resorts get the flexibility to add icons and logos, choose colors as per your marketing strategy, add-in different language options, payment options and much more. The best part is that these maps can be accessible from any smart device, so guests can take maps on-the-go! From parking, to sports or from spa to beach, OKKAMI offers an end-to-end wayfinding experience to your guests.

One platform with multiple hotel solutions, is the power of OKKAMI for contactless guest services. These services and features enable a direct communication line with guests, helping hotels to send out personalized offers, elevate the guest’s experience, increasing guest loyalty while boosting hotel revenue. Get in touch with us to learn about the interactive resort map feature. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like chat, in-room dining, service booking, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance, and much more!