OKKAMI’s Inventory Management Feature – The Perfect Tool For Your Hotel Inventory System

Hotel management is a vast field with different channels such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, food & drink services, spa booking and much more. However, one thing that remains common and consistent for the hospitality industry is the hotel inventory system. On the other hand, hotel inventory management affects all of the hotel’s operations as it includes resources and services that are used on a daily basis, it helps business to keep a record of inventory consumption and utilization.

OKKAMI’s inventory management feature helps keep track of the available product inventory and prevents guests from requesting a product if it’s not in stock. In addition, our inventory management system can help you make better decisions about your stock levels and improve your overall business efficiency. In the OKKAMI dashboard, you’ll be able to assign a daily/weekly maximum inventory for each product, specify start/end time and set up an alert message when out of stock. In the App, only the available stock will be displayed for each product and, if not available, the guests will have the opportunity to select future days based on inventory availability. 

Benefits of having OKKAMI’s Inventory management feature for the hospitality industry: 

  1. Easy Tracking: OKKAMI app helps to track and monitor inventory levels of all locations easily. With inventory tracking, hotels and restaurants can monitor in real-time which type of inventory is more utilized and which is not, so that they can put resources into the right purchasing. Inventory tracking is also helpful in informing guests about the number of products that are available and products that are out of stock.  
  2. Real-time Information: Gather real-time information on the available inventory in all locations and help organizations to make informed decisions. With real-time information guests can view the services availability and can order or place a booking accordingly. This helps hotels and restaurants to make sure that no bookings are overlapping and provide real-time booking information.
  3. Set Alters: OKKAMI App helps to organize and sets alert levels when out of stock for a specific service, this effective feature helps in managing inventory efficiently. It eliminates manual tracking process of inventory and emphasizes an effective inventory management system that helps to avoid out-of-stock issues. With OKKAMI system, hotels and restaurants can get alerts or notifications when the product or items has reached to a minimal level giving them more time to restock.
  4. Stock Management: With OKKAMI’s inventory management, you can easily avoid stock issues such as overstocking and out-of-stock issues. These issues are harmful for businesses as both scenarios can lead to business loss. However, using an automated inventory management system will solve all of your inventory issues.
  5. Improved Insights:  OKKAMI’s inventory management provides a better way to utilize products and save you from unnecessary expenses. This data helps hotels and restaurants to grow their business and to discover potential problems and create plans to resolve those issues easily.

OKKAMI’s inventory management feature allows hoteliers and restaurant owners to accurately track inventory in multiple channels simultaneously. Get in touch with us to learn how inventory management can increase guest satisfaction and revenue. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like live chat, in-room dining, pre-check-in/check-out, service bookings, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance, and much more!