OKKAMI’s Updated Spa Management System Offers Improved Convenience & Accessibility for Hotel Guests Seeking Spa Services

OKKAMI’s updated spa management system for hotels is designed to provide guests with greater convenience and accessibility. In the past, guests had to check in or be paired with a specific room to book and utilize spa facilities. However, the new system allows guests to directly book appointments prior to your arrival. This can be done through the hotel’s app, which can be accessed from anywhere, allowing guests to plan their stay and enjoy their vacation with more flexibility.

To offer this innovative spa booking service, OKKAMI has partnered with industry leaders in the spa management field, including Zenoti, Book4Time, and Booker. By providing guests with direct access to book appointments prior to their arrival, the updated system is designed to enhance the guest experience.

The upgraded system provides benefits for both guests and hotels. For guests, the process of booking appointments and accessing spa services is streamlined and effortless. They no longer have to worry about being paired with a specific room or checking in to enjoy spa facilities. Instead, they can conveniently make bookings from their own homes or other locations. This reduces the time and effort required for guests to enjoy spa services, ultimately enhancing their overall hotel experience.

For hotels, the updated spa management system provides a centralized and organized approach to spa booking management. It reduces the risk of double bookings and allows staff to focus on providing high-quality services to guests. This enhances the operational efficiency of the hotel and promotes a more positive guest experience.

Overall, OKKAMI’s updated spa management system for hotels is designed to offer greater convenience, accessibility, and flexibility for guests. It is also designed to improve operational efficiency for hotels, making it a win-win solution for everyone involved.


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