Optimize Operations, Elevate Experience: Unveiling the Seamless OKKAMI-HotelKey PMS Integration for Hotels!

OKKAMI has seamlessly integrated with HotelKey PMS, a robust property management system to optimize the guest check-in and check-out procedures and access booking confirmation numbers directly from the HotelKey central reservation system (CRS).

This integration operates through APIs, webhooks, and data synchronization techniques, ensuring constant alignment between the two systems. It guarantees that guest details and booking confirmation numbers are consistently current in both OKKAMI and HotelKey PMS.

Hotels can enjoy several benefits from this integration:

Enhanced Efficiency: By automating various manual tasks related to guest check-in, check-out, and accessing booking confirmation numbers, the integration liberates hotel staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Increased Accuracy: Real-time updates in both systems minimize errors, ensuring a seamless experience for guests during check-in and check-out processes.

Improved Communication: Utilizing OKKAMI, hotels can effectively communicate with guests. This includes sending booking confirmation emails and providing detailed check-in instructions, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Moreover, the OKKAMI-HotelKey PMS integration offers additional advantages:

Cost Reduction: Automation of manual tasks reduces labor and operational costs, contributing to significant savings for hotels.

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: A swift and error-free check-in/check-out experience boosts guest satisfaction and fosters loyalty, making their stay more enjoyable.

Revenue Increase: The integration simplifies the booking and stay process, making it more convenient for guests to choose and stay at the hotel, ultimately boosting revenue streams.

Furthermore, the OKKAMI-HotelKey PMS integration supports pre-check-in license registration and PIN code generation. This innovative feature allows guests to bypass the front desk entirely, checking into their rooms seamlessly.

In summary, the OKKAMI-HotelKey PMS integration stands as a tool for hotels aiming to streamline their operations, elevate guest satisfaction, and boost revenue, making it an essential solution for the modern hospitality industry.