Revolutionizing Hospitality: OKKAMI and Hub OS Integration Enhances Guest Experiences and Streamlines Operations

OKKAMI is thrilled to announce its integration with the innovative Hub OS system, revolutionizing the hospitality industry by enhancing guest experiences and streamlining hotel operations. This groundbreaking collaboration brings forth a new era of seamless communication and personalized services, offering numerous benefits to both guests and hotel staff.

Streamlined Communication and Enhanced Guest Personalization:

Hub OS revolutionizes guest communication and personalized services through its innovative workflow staff ticketing system. Collaborating with OKKAMI, this groundbreaking solution enables guests to effortlessly make service requests, which are then seamlessly routed to the Hub OS system for direct handling by hotel staff. By streamlining communication channels, guests experience prompt resolution of their needs, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional service.

The integration of OKKAMI and Hub OS goes beyond efficient ticketing. It empowers hotels to achieve enhanced guest personalization on a large scale. Hotel staff can access guest profiles, including preferences, special requests, and loyalty program information, enabling them to tailor services and recommendations accordingly. This valuable data allows for the creation of unique and unforgettable stay experiences that cater specifically to each guest’s requirements and desires.

Efficient Operations and Service Delivery:

The integration between OKKAMI and Hub OS system optimizes hotel operations and enhances service delivery. With real-time updates and notifications, staff can efficiently manage guest requests, track tasks, and coordinate services seamlessly. The system ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, enabling staff to deliver exceptional service in a timely manner while minimizing operational inefficiencies.

Enhanced Automation and Efficiency:

The OKKAMI-Hub OS integration automates various processes, reducing manual tasks and freeing up valuable time for hotel staff. This automation streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and allows staff to focus on delivering personalized experiences and attending to guest needs.

Seamless Access to Hotel Services and Amenities:

Through the integration, guests can conveniently access a wide range of hotel services and amenities through the OKKAMI app. They can make restaurant reservations, book spa treatments, explore local attractions, and much more, all in one place. This seamless accessibility enhances the guest experience, promoting convenience and engagement throughout their stay.

Enhanced Guest Safety and Security:

The integration of OKKAMI and Hub OS system also prioritizes guest safety and security. The OKKAMI app can provide guests with important information, such as emergency procedures, safety protocols, and contact details, ensuring they have the necessary resources at their fingertips. Additionally, the system allows hotels to communicate critical information or alerts to guests quickly and efficiently, enhancing overall safety measures.

The integration between OKKAMI and Hub OS system marks a significant milestone in enhancing guest experiences and optimizing hotel operations. With streamlined communication, personalized services, enhanced automation, and seamless access to hotel amenities, this collaboration empowers hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Embrace the future of hospitality with OKKAMI’s integration with Hub OS and elevate your hotel’s guest experience to new heights.


OKKAMI provides a comprehensive hospitality platform which includes IoT smart room controls, guests & staff request management, unified Live Chat platform, and a powerful CRM. Our solution helps partners to enhance revenue centres, streamline operations, and connect with customers. Today, OKKAMI services over 45,000 rooms globally across North America, Europe, and Asia, and includes over 75+ integrations with leading hospitality vendors. OKKAMI also specializes in implementing touchless features such as contactless check-in/out, QR code menus, digital compendium and more.