Six Senses Kyoto Partners with OKKAMI to Revolutionize Luxury Hospitality with Innovative App Features

OKKAMI is proud to announce our recent partnership with Six Senses Kyoto, Japan, aimed at enhancing guest experiences through the Six Senses app. With a focus on innovation and redefining luxury hospitality, we’re excited to introduce several unique and modern features that will elevate your stay at Six Senses Kyoto.

One of the key features is the 3rd Party Workflow Interface – HubOS. This integration allows for seamless communication and task management among staff members, ensuring efficient operations behind the scenes. Additionally, our in-room request dashboard, supported by interfaces like HotSOS, Zendesk, and MessageBox, empowers guests to manage their preferences effortlessly, ensuring prompt fulfillment of their needs.

We’re also thrilled to offer the 3rd Party Lighting & Temperature Control Interface, providing guests with personalized comfort and ambiance throughout their stay. With just a few taps on the app, guests can adjust lighting and room temperature settings to suit their preferences, enhancing their overall experience. Furthermore, our integration with the Property Management System (PMS) enables real-time access to relevant guest information, streamlining check-in processes and enhancing guest service.

Lastly, our commitment to seamless guest experiences is further reinforced by features like Spa Booking, Workflow Management & Ticketing System, and Live Chat Essentials. Whether guests are looking to book a spa appointment, communicate with staff in real-time, or streamline service requests, our app provides a comprehensive solution.

At OKKAMI, our partnership with Six Senses Kyoto reflects our dedication to innovation and guest satisfaction. We’re excited to be part of this journey to redefine luxury hospitality and create unforgettable experiences for guests at Six Senses Kyoto.

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You’ll find us in the tranquil Higashiyama district, we’re an easy walk from the Myoho-in Temple, Kyoto National Museum and Sanjusangendo Buddhist Temple – offering a serene sanctuary inspired by the flourishing art and cultural heritage from the Heian era.Design touches inspired by the literary masterpiece Tale of Genji as well as ancient folklores are woven through the hotel, embodying the aesthetics and elegant sensibility of the notion of Miyabi back in the period. Choose your view in one of our 81 rooms and suites – either our internal courtyard, the city, or the garden of the famous 16th-century Toyokuni Shrine opposite us.

Embark on a holistic wellness journey at Six Senses Spa, where smart technology meets traditional healing methods and the essence of Zen culture; or enjoy ultra-seasonal dining experiences at Sekki, our all-day dining rooted in the local and sustainable Eat With Six Senses ethos. Savor aromatic brews and sweet treats at Cafe Sekki or unwind with crafted concoctions at Nine Tails bar.