Unleash The Power Of Unified Live Chat With OKKAMI

During the post covid era, the hotel industry has undergone many changes and is trying to use new innovative methods to keep their staff and guest’s health and safety as the main priority. The digital touchpoints hotels access are rapidly changing and one feature that is gaining popularity across the globe is “Live Chat”. A recent survey has revealed that about 41% of customers prefer live chat over emails, or phone calls, and  the average customer satisfaction rating for live chat globally is 83.1%.

OKKAMI’s live chat feature is a perfect tool for your hotel to instantly connect potential guests to one of your teams. Guests do not need to download the hotel app, but they can connect with the hotel staff from anywhere by using their own personal social media accounts. Guests can discuss room preferences, inquire about any special deals and hotel staff can recommend and up-sell services to the guest. Having the opportunity to interact with your guests prior to their stay can also help to customize their experience with your hotel.

OKKAMI’s live chat feature is also beneficial for hotel team members, as it provides historical access to all previous conversations and insights on how potential guests have interacted with them in the past. The data collected can help staff members to understand guest’s preferences and recommend special booking promotions, food ordering, personalized offers and much more. To make sure that no conversations get lost, OKKAMI provides a single integrated dashboard, where the hotel staff members can access in real-time all the guests requests from different chat channels under one dashboard.

With OKKAMI, team members can chat with guests in real-time using Website Chat, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, Viber, Google Business Chat, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, Vibe, Telegram and now Instagram. Get in touch with us to learn more about how Live Chat can help your business save time and operations cost. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like online check-in/out, in-room dining, service bookings, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance and much more!