Introducing OKKAMI’s AI-Powered EDM Feature: Elevate Your Email Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

OKKAMI is excited to present our latest EDM feature, empowered by artificial intelligence, designed to create captivating and engaging email direct marketing campaigns for the hospitality industry. With our AI-driven enhancement, you can now effortlessly produce attractive and compelling content that resonates with your guests.

Say hello to our new feature, Smart Headings, located conveniently on the right side of the panel. It offers a selection of six distinct tones: Friendly, Luxury, Relaxed, Professional, Bold, and Witty. Depending on the type of EDM you wish to create, you can choose the tone that best suits your needs. Once you’ve selected a tone, our feature will suggest alternative titles that perfectly match the chosen tone, making it easier than ever to create captivating subject lines for your emails.

But that’s not all! Our Smart Button feature takes your CTAs to the next level. With six different tones to choose from, each offering a variety of CTA text options, you can select the perfect match for your EDM. These attention-grabbing CTAs will entice your recipients to take action and engage with your email content.

Ensuring impeccable text quality has never been simpler with our Smart Text feature. It not only checks grammar but also utilizes AI to help rewrite your text, making it more efficient and polished. This ensures your EDM delivers a flawless message that captivates your guests.

In the image section, our Apply Effect feature leverages AI technology to create stunning visuals based on your search queries and specific needs. This remarkable feature generates realistic images that align seamlessly with your requirements, enhancing the overall impact of your email campaigns.

Experience the power of AI-driven enhancement and dynamic effects with OKKAMI’s EDM feature. Elevate your email marketing in the hospitality industry with attractive and engaging content that leaves a lasting impression on your recipients.


OKKAMI provides a comprehensive hospitality platform which includes IoT smart room controls, guests & staff request management, unified Live Chat platform, and a powerful CRM. Our solution helps partners to enhance revenue centres, streamline operations, and connect with customers. Today, OKKAMI services over 45,000 rooms globally across North America, Europe, and Asia, and includes over 75+ integrations with leading hospitality vendors. OKKAMI also specializes in implementing touchless features such as contactless check-in/out, QR code menus, digital compendium and more.