OKKAMI Driving Immediate ROI with Touchless Technology

OKKAMI has been featured by APAC CIOoutlook and recognized as being in the TOP 10 for Travel and Hospitality Solution Providers for 2020.


With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting every sector, the travel and hospitality industry is still struggling to come to terms with reality. As the hospitality industry starts settling into the fact that old data models are no longer reliable to predict peak seasons or potential occupancy, finding flexible partnerships and solutions is critical. Owners are faced with the impossible task of defining what non-essential services can be cut to reduce cost. The industry is trying hard to adapt to changes by being as flexible as possible. The biggest trend has been in the form of contactless solutions for hotels to not only reduce the spread of COVID-19 but also to give guests peace of mind when staying in the hotels. As a leader in digital guest engagement and staff management solutions, OKKAMI offers a touchless solution that has helped hotels protect their revenue centres, engage with guests, streamline operations, and achieve customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company assists brands transition into their recovery phase as their properties gradually reopen their doors to welcome travellers again. “We are helping the industry recover by being agile enough to pivot along with the immediate needs of our customers which is focusing on solutions that drive an immediate ROI,” says Andres Borbon, President and CTO of OKKAMI.



Since its inception in 2016, OKKAMI’s principal focus was to provide an all-in-one technology platform and solution for hospitality businesses. Today, the company’s system has over 60 integrations with leading hospitality vendors, allowing a truly seamless guest experience. One of the most significant enhancements to hotels is the ability to better communicate with the guest. The OKKAMI chat software has an inbuilt translation module which means there is no language barrier between the hotel and guest. The OKKAMI software also enables the hotel to increase room service sales and even to sell additional services such as spa treatments, hotel limousine service, and more. The platform also allows hotel brands to perform cross-promotions among their sister properties.


In a move to promote touchless technology in hotels, OKKAMI’s solution allows guests to perform express check-in and check-out with limited to almost no physical interactions between guests and reception. Also, OKKAMI’s IoT solutions and seamless integration highlight the use of guests’ own mobile devices to control lighting, temperature, and open their guest rooms through Bluetooth enabled door locks.

What truly differentiates OKKAMI from the rest is its ability to localize its products not only for guests but also for hotel staff. Being available in multiple languages, the company has invested in its user interface and experience to ensure both front office and backend hotel staff is comfortable handling day to day tasks within our platform. That said, OKKAMI’s platform is helping leading hotel brands like Anantara, Avani, Akaryn and Six Senses promote safety and hygiene standards. One of Thailand’s leading hospitality groups that OKKAMI works with is Chatrium Hotels & Residences (CHR). The group comprises 12 properties in Thailand, Myanmar, and Japan and was seeking a consolidated digital back-of-house workflow system. OKKAMI offered its robust staff ticketing system that allowed each department to open work orders and assign to one another. The platform’s back end had the option for staff to view relevant tickets to their department only. All hotels were rolled out during 2020, and five properties went live during the lockdown. “The project enabled our company to change the way we trained and signed-off on a project. At the end, it allowed us to be more nimble and handle more projects at once without ever having to go onsite,” says Borbon.

Alongside hospitality, OKKAMI also serves the food and beverage industry that requires eMenu and payment solutions. The company’s digital QR code eMenus are available with both display and ordering capabilities. Moving forward, the company will continue dwelling on its focus of having one single platform to enter in a product and have to reach customers via email, web, QR code, branded app and across social platforms has been vital in driving revenue for our customers.


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OKKAMI is a digital guest engagement solution that is built specifically for the hospitality industry. It provides guests with contactless express check-ins and check-outs and room controls that enable them to control all room components without having to touch any buttons on the wall. OKKAMI offers hotel owners four unique pricing plans to choose from including the Starter, Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Pro packages.

If you are interested in finding out more about our guest engagement software, contact OKKAMI today for a demo.