OKKAMI Elevates Luxury Hospitality with IoT-Connected TV Lift Support

OKKAMI now offers support for IoT-connected TV lifts tailored for high-end installations of hidden in-room televisions. This integration brings a new level of sophistication and convenience to luxury hospitality spaces. With OKKAMI’s platform, guests and staff can seamlessly control and monitor the operation of these smart TV lifts, enhancing the overall guest experience while maintaining the elegance of the room.

The inclusion of IoT-connected TV lifts in OKKAMI’s suite of solutions ensures that every aspect of the guest journey is meticulously catered to. Guests can effortlessly raise or lower the television with precision timing, thanks to the intuitive controls provided by OKKAMI’s interface. A timer is set for the lift to work within 20 seconds for each command, ensuring prompt and seamless transitions between viewing and concealed modes. Additionally, the system supports ignoring additional commands while the lift is working towards the countdown/timer, preventing any disruptions and maintaining a seamless user experience.

For hoteliers and property managers, OKKAMI’s support for IoT-connected TV lifts streamlines operations and enhances efficiency. Automated options, such as triggering the TV lift to descend upon guest check-in or lowering the television when the room is checked out, simplify the management of in-room amenities and contribute to a seamless guest experience. With OKKAMI’s support for IoT-connected TV lifts, luxury properties can elevate their offerings and exceed guest expectations in the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality technology.