OKKAMI Helps Avani Atrium Reopen to Receive ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Guests

Avani Atrium has recently received guests again since the pandemic. OKKAMI is proud to offer solutions that have helped Avani Atrium reopen its doors earlier than expected. Avani’s 32 properties recently rolled out the AvaniSHIELD programme that heightens hygiene and sanitising standards led by new technology from digital check-in to a concierge app. Avani Atrium has entrusted OKKAMI to develop the technology aspect that includes the concierge app, digital check-in, and QR code menu with bookable items to cater for ASQ guests. 

The “new normal” guest experience begins even before arrival. Avani’s digital check-in system will allow guests to fill out a digital version of the hotel’s registration card on their mobile devices. Upon arrival, staff would have guests’ room keys ready at the reception for pick up, thus minimising physical interaction. While guests are on property, they will have access to Avani Digital Concierge app. In the app, guests will enjoy direct communication with the team via live chat, browse menus, order in-room dining, and book off-property experiences. Prior to checking out, guests are able to view their folio and settle their bill from the comfort of their mobile devices via a secure online payment channel. 

The features were built to ensure physical interaction between guests and staff are maintained at minimum levels, while also allowing staff to continue to offer their hospitality. From the comfort of their rooms, guests can make in-room orders and be in constant communication with staff via live chat. OKKAMI’s assistance essentially contributes to the AvaniSHIELD program that is fully compliant with guidelines highlighted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). 


OKKAMI Inc. was founded in 2016 to cater to travelers and enhance all aspects of their journey. The company provides businesses in the hospitality industry with an IoT and guest engagement technology platform to better connect with customers, finalize transactions, and improve guest satisfaction. The platform also includes managed in-room devices in addition to downloadable apps for both iOS and Android. Visit https://www.okkami.com/ to learn more.

About Avani Hotels & Resorts

AVANI Hotels & Resorts is a hotel and resort chain with 23 properties across 15 countries. Majority of their properties are based in Thailand whereas a smaller number of properties are established in a few other countries. Avani is a part of the hospitality chain Minor Hotels.


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