The OKKAMI contact-less ordering system is a must have solution for any F&B provider.

The coronavirus pandemic has created havoc in the hospitality industry and caused many food and beverage providers to be crippled throughout the world. The worse now seems to be behind us and as businesses prepare to open, they need to do so with social distancing in mind. Not only will this be enforced through government regulations, but the consumer will demand safety whilst being a patron of the hospitality provider.

To help ease the consumer of fear of infection, a successful F&B provider will have available a contact-less ordering system or digital menu. The OKKAMI Digital E-Menu allows customers to scan a QR code or use the providers branded app to view menus. With the OKKAMI solution, customers can also choose to place an order using the digital menu.

If you are a hotel, this will reduce the need for paper in the guest rooms. As the menu is digital, it allows guests to view and order from anywhere. Hotel service staff will leave the tray in front of the door and ring / knock to alert the guests.

OKKAMI has many advantages over its competition and has been providing touchless and digital solutions many years before the covid-19 pandemic. The OKKAMI technology is already being used in some the of worlds most renowned hotel and resort groups.

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