OKKAMI Leads The Shift Towards Contactless Hospitality

As the hospitality industry continues to adapt to challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, one phrase seems to come up over and over: Contactless Hospitality.

This is not a new concept for the hospitality industry, however previously it was considered as a luxury expense item for the property. Due to the current environment it is now considered a necessity for the majority of hotels.

In these uncertain times, hotel operators must master competitive agility to bring back profitability, and produce the significant value that has been lost over the last months. Competitive agility means they need to be prepared for boosting growth, become a champion at optimizing costs, and refresh the operating model by streamlining the way of working. entrepreneur.com

Having the right technology in place to remain competitive means your property need to have the most flexible digital solution. OKKAMI is what makes the difference for your hotel to be at the forefront. Cloud technology that supports contactless payments across a number of properties in a more cohesive and inclusive way adds dimension to the guest experience. It also helps to meet some very real-world physical requirements to making payments easy and stress-free.

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