depa mini Transformation Voucher

Earn Account Credits On Your OKKAMI Services

Using the depa mini Transformation Voucher


depa provides a ฿10,000 grant for products or services which qualify under the government support program. 

The government grant can only be used for products or services which are registered and approved with depa.

The grant is by means of reimbursement, when requires the business need to first purchase the approved product or service and then apply to depa for reimbursement up to the max grant amount allowed. 

Limited to 1 business per voucher and the maximum reimbursement is not to exceed ฿10,000.

Who is depa?

depa is an agency which belongs to the Thai government, acting as a juristic person not as a governing agency. The main purpose is to promote and support industrial development and digital innovation by encouraging the use of digital technology for the benefit of the economy, society, culture, and security of the country. 


depa mini Transformation Voucher

The depa mini Transformation Voucher is a program to support businesses with coupons who apply use of innovation and technology into their business. Depa has collaboration with partners in the digital industry to support Thai SMEs in all regions to enhance the use of innovation and technology into their management. Such a strategy is to build and strengthen internal management processes to help drive the digital economy, resulting in reduced costs, increased profits and and growth in the overall economy. 

How to Claim The Voucher


Register your business to be member of depa via their government website


Wait for depa registration approval of your business


Once your business is approved, you will be provided with a voucher to use for the government grant.


Choose the OKKAMI package from the list of digital solution providers


Contact OKKAMI to finalize the solution package and receive proof of purchase


Prepare the documents for depa to claim reimbursement (please find documents required for reimburse in the next topic)


Process reimbursement with depa’s partner services for each province. The business needs to review the list from the following link


Wait for reimbursement from depa by checking the status in depa accounts

Businesses which fit into the program criteria

1 – Small or medium enterprises (SMEs) in the service, manufacturing, and retail sectors according to Act B.E. 2543
2 – Register as a Juristic Person in Thailand which has a capital of 51% of the Juristic Person held by Thai nationality. 
3 – Natural person (sole proprietorship), Ordinary Partnership registered trade/commercial registration with the Ministry of Commerce


Type of businessesSmall BusinessMedium Businesses
No.EmployeesFixed AssetsNo.EmployeesFixed Assets
ServicesNot more than 50Not more than 50 MB50-10050-200 MB


Documents Required for Reimbursement

1 – Certified copy of the juristic person certificate/copy of the commercial or service certificate
2 – Copy of documents proof of purchase of OKKAMI platform 
3 – Copy of book bank to receive the reimbursement transfer
4 – Picture confirm the use of technology or innovation (before and after using)
Reimbursement will occur after the documents and eligibility of the support applicant have been reviewed. The form of support payment depends on the co-operating unit as determined.

VDO tutorial how to register and claim the voucher