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We strive to create a culture where employees feel valued and invested in helping OKKAMI succeed.

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    At OKKAMI we are always looking to hire talented people to join our ever-growing team of designers, engineers, and support staff. We promote a friendly culture and care about everyone and always put employees first.
    No matter what your job title is,  if you’re a member of the OKKAMI team you are our top priority. We care deeply about everyone in our business organization and make it in our best interest to take care of you with additional benefits than what other companies offer.
    The OKKAMI staff learn together and grow together as we encourage staff to cross train and learn additional skills. We understand that your growth means our growth and we do everything we can encourage it.
    Project manager

    We are hiring an experienced project manager with Scrum master cert. to be in charge of ticketing and time allocation for the development team.

    Corporate partner support

    We are hiring corporate support officers to provide ongoing customer relations with our corporate clients.

    Human resources

    We are hiring a human resources manager who understand the staffing requirements and obligations in Thailand.

    Junior developer

    We are hiring junior developers with knowledge of Ruby on Rails. If you know other language skills, please contact us.

    Junior accountant

    We are hiring a junior accountant with knowledge of Quickbooks and FlowAccount. Fluent in Thai and English language preferred.

    Senior developer

    We are hiring a senior developer with Ruby on Rails experience to join the OKKAMI development team in Bangkok.

    OKKAMI provides solutions customized to meet your needs

    Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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