Guest Marketing & Promotions

Deals on the go, keep promotions relevant

Know Your Audience and Market the Right Products

Traditionally most hotels and resorts lose touch with guests right after check-in. With the OKKAMI digital platform you will better connect to your guests and maximize service delivery, and ultimately improve the overall guest experience.

OKKAMI will allow you to target current guests with late checkout promotions during their stay or provide discount offers to repeat guests with ease. Our dashboard is your perfect promotional partner, ensuring promotions are communicated to users in a targeted and timely manner.

True Personalized Marketing

OKKAMI utilizes UI and machine learning to reach your guests with personalized offers at any time.
  • Scheduling of message broadcast
  • Send messages by guest status and location
  • Alert guest of scheduled events and activities
  • Target customers on their preferred chat platforms
  • Supports Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat
  • Scheduled messages or send out instantly
  • Create offers based from guest preferences and buying habits
  • Reach your target audience when they are most receptive
  • Increase accuracy and frequency over traditional methods

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OKKAMI is a fully packed management software application for any organization in the hospitality industry.
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