In-Room Tablets

Elegantly manage your devices with the OKKAMI enterprise level managed device lockdown solution

Guest Services with Contactless Delivery

Keep track of deployed phones and tablets. OKKAMI offers full device lockdown and makes it easy to enroll, configure, provision, track and lock/wipe all of your mobile devices remotely.

Our remote management solutions support iOS devices via the Apple Deployment Program (DEP) and Android devices via the Android Enterprise Recommended programs.

OKKAMI In-Room Tablet

With In-Room Tablets, any hospitality industry provider can effortlessly offer guests access to services and amenities without ever needing physical contact with staff.
  • Access hotel and local information
  • Streamline touch-less service requests
  • Make booking and reservation changes
  • Explore digital menus
  • Order online in an instant
  • Schedule touch-less deliveries
  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean
  • Provider can make rapid, real-time content changes via CMS
  • Increased revenue streams for the provider

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OKKAMI is a fully packed management software application for any organization in the hospitality industry.
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