Instructions on how OKKAMI Stakeholders can manage their account
OKKAMI uses LTSE Equity to manage equity and securities for stakeholders. The LTSE Equity platform enables OKKAMI to issue securities digitally, or record securities issued elsewhere on their digital security ledgers within LTSE Equity.
If you are an OKKAMI stakeholder, you will receive an email about the issuance. If there are certificates and paperwork, they will already have been signed by the company officers.
Click on the orange button in the email to view your security holdings in LTSE Equity.


If it’s your first time using LTSE Equity, sign up for a new account. The sign-up screen will appear as such:



Once logged in, you will be directed to My Holdings view. From My Holdings, click the security ID or Cert number, e.g. CS-24, to view the security details.
Review the security’s details with relevant notices, certificates and other paperwork.



Click Accept Security or confirm that the details are correct.