Live Chat

Multiple Platforms, One Unified Dashboard

Communicate With Guests, in Their Language, on Their Terms

Your guests may use many platforms to communicate with you. Whether it’s your website, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat or SMS text messages, responding on all channels takes time. OKKAMI Live Chat streamlines messages from all platforms into one convenient place. Even if the guest changes the app they use, the conversation in the live chat continues. Our dashboard lets you know which chat app the guest is using.

Overcome any language barriers that may arise with the live chat translation feature. Type your message to a guest in your language, they’ll receive it in theirs and vice versa. Even if you speak the same language, live chat is a convenient link between you and your guests.

Chat Enabled Payments

Capture payments before guests arrive

OKKAMI Live Chat dashboard includes the OKKAMI payment gateway powered by trusted partners like Stripe and Omise. This allows the hotel to capture payments for services like early check-in, airport pick up and other special packages before guests arrive. Helping properties capture lost revenue even prior to guests’ arrival.

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