AvaniSHIELD Health and Safety Standards Combine with OKKAMI’s Guest Engagement Solution

As Avani prepares to welcome back their guests, they have introduced a new health and safety standard at all their properties. The new series of initiatives that adds additional layers of protection for guests and staff is called AvaniSHIELD. As part of this program, OKKAMI will be directly involved in a lot of touch points throughout a guest’s journey with Avani.


A guest’s journey with Avani begins with a digital pre-arrival check-in feature. Guests would fill out a copy of the hotel’s registration card on their mobile device prior to arriving at the hotel. Once the request for pre check-in has been submitted, a room key would be ready at the reception. Moreover, as guests prepare to check-out, they are able to view and settle their bills via a secure online payment system. Guests would receive their receipt in their emails.


OKKAMI will be providing Avani with their dedicated digital concierge app. The app will offer a live chat solution enabling Avani’s guest service team to communicate with all guest chat channels from a single user-friendly platform. The concierge app also allows guests to browse menus, order in-room dining, and reserve various off-property experiences. This touchless experience is a solution that OKKAMI is committed to delivering for guests that meets Avani’s hospitality as well as their AvaniSHIELD standards. 


Avani’s health and safety program also extends towards their dining experience. Menus of their food & beverage venues are now available digitally. Guests can access the menus by scanning QR codes on their mobile devices, without the need for a physical menu. Guests may also view digital menus of the restaurants and bars from the comfort of Avani’s concierge app. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our guest engagement software, contact OKKAMI today for a demo.