Elevating Arrival Experiences: OKKAMI Revolutionizes Hospitality with Self Check-In Feature!

Bid farewell to long queues, paperwork hassles, and confusing check-in procedures—OKKAMI, a leader in guest engagement and hospitality technology, proudly introduces its cutting-edge self check-in feature, marking the dawn of a new era characterized by seamless and personalized arrival experiences.

Imagine completing your check-in formalities even before stepping foot in the hotel. With OKKAMI’s self check-in, this becomes a reality. Through the intuitive hotel app, effortlessly upload your identification, preferred payment details, and any special requests for your stay. Picture it as carefully packing your travel essentials but tailored for your hotel experience!

Upon reaching your destination, choose your preferred mode of self-check-in. Opt for the modern touch by finalizing the process directly through the hotel app or let the convenience of email work its magic. A notification will promptly appear in your inbox as soon as your room is ready, inviting you to embark on your serene stay.Whether through the app or email, confirming your check-in initiates a secure and seamless transaction. Your pre-entered payment details effortlessly manage the room charges, eliminating the need to fumble with wallets or credit cards at the front desk.

OKKAMI’s self check-in transcends mere expediency; it empowers you to curate a personalized arrival experience tailored to your preferences. This innovative feature also allows hotel staff to focus their expertise on guests who prefer traditional check-in, fostering a personalized and attentive environment for everyone. It’s a win-win situation, promoting flexibility and efficiency for both guests and hotel personnel.


OKKAMI provides a comprehensive hospitality platform which includes guests & staff request management, unified Live Chat platform, and a powerful CRM. Our solution helps partners to enhance revenue centres, streamline operations, and connect with customers. Today, OKKAMI services over 45,000 rooms globally across North America, Europe, and Asia, and includes over 75+ integrations with leading hospitality vendors. OKKAMI also specializes in implementing touchless features such as contactless check-in/out, QR code menus, digital compendium and more.