Innovation in Motion: OKKAMI Partners with FlashParking for Streamlined Hotel Parking

At OKKAMI, we’re continuously striving to elevate the guest experience through innovative technology. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our integration with FlashParking, a leading provider of parking management solutions. This game-changing partnership will streamline parking for hotel guests, making their arrival and departure smoother than ever before.

Evermore Hotel: Leading the Way with a Premier Parking Experience

We’re proud to partner with Evermore Hotel, a renowned destination known for its commitment to exceptional service, as the first hotel to roll out this enhanced parking experience. Guests at Evermore Hotel will now enjoy a seamless parking journey that begins even before they arrive.

Here’s how it works:

Effortless Registration

  • Upon making a reservation, guests can effortlessly register their car number plate directly within the hotel app.

Convenient QR Code Access

  • Before check-in, guests receive a QR code that grants them convenient access to the property’s parking facilities.

Automated Gate Entry

  • Upon scanning the QR code at the entrance, the gate automatically opens, welcoming guests with a touch of effortless technology.

Personalized Navigation

  • Guests can seamlessly navigate through the parking area using the integrated navigation map within the app, effortlessly finding their designated parking spot.

This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to craft extraordinary guest experiences. By addressing common pain points and infusing moments of delight into every stay, our seamless parking solution exemplifies our commitment to redefining the standards of hospitality through innovative technology. OKKAMI, in collaboration with FlashParking, is shifting gears to elevate the guest journey from arrival to departure.