OKKAMI Introduces “Guest Fulfillment Requests” Feature

Hotels and Resorts are more under pressure than ever before to align the brand’s image with its service delivery at the property level. Customers nowadays are expecting a quick and transparent service and the best way for hotels to exceed guest expectations is by fulfilling their request faster than guests expect. This can be achieved only if guests can easily make requests and the hotel staff have a streamlined request management tool to assist them throughout this process. Ultimately, the guest fulfillment requests system helps the hotels to reduce guest waiting time and contributes to improve efficiency and productivity at the property. 

OKKAMI’s guest fulfillment request system helps to bring transparency and accountability in service delivery to enhance guest experience and to achieve better operational efficiency. Using one dashboard for all departments to centralize tasks, check the current status of guest requests and give you a detailed view of the entire progress of the requests in real time. The guest fulfillment request also provides a detailed tracking process along with status updates for all of the guest requests.

Benefit Of Guest Fulfillment Request 

  • End to end request status monitoring with data reports.
  • Staff efficiency to avoid unnecessary deployment of manpower.
  • Auto task allotment to respective departments based on their proximity to the location.
  • Alert and escalation system to keep track of all requests. 
  • Live chat communication with guests to drive further engagement.

One platform with multiple hotel solutions, is the power of OKKAMI for contactless guest services. These services and features enable a direct communication line with guests, helping hotels to send out personalized offers and elevate the guest’s experience, increasing guest loyalty while boosting hotel revenue. Get in touch with us to learn about the guest fulfillment request. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like chat, in-room dining, service booking, mobile key, room controls, staff ticketing & preventive maintenance, and much more!