OKKAMI Introduces “Staff Ticketing System”- A Must Have Tool For your Hotel Management System

Back of house ticketing systems play a crucial role in helping hotels and restaurants to effectively deal with high volumes of guests requests from a variety of communication channels. Staff work flow systems are designed to function seamlessly in today’s multi-channel environment and can help your team to consolidate all customer communications into one unified dashboard. Moreover, all the interactions and requests will always be logged to the same place and allow the staff to smoothly track and check updates in real-time. Using a staff ticketing system, housekeeping staff can access the past interactions with every guest and manage the workflow without any unnecessary calls or messages.

OKKAMI’s staff ticketing dashboard provides hotels with detailed information about guest requests and the ability to communicate instantly with the hotel staff. All tickets are created in real-time so that guest concerns and requests can be addressed immediately. Based on the ticket status, 3 levels of escalation can be set to ensure that no guest request or issue is missed out. Tickets are assigned to predefined team members in each department ranging from engineering, housekeeping, concierge, and F&B staff. Tickets are routed according to the hotel’s operations workflow and can be updated at any time by back of house teams.

Advantages of OKKAMI’s Hospitality Ticketing systems:

  • Organized Workflow: OKKAMI’s ticketing system automatically assigns the tickets to the appropriate housekeeping department, engineering department and back of house department based on staff expertise, or other pre-defined parameters. Each ticket can be updated with the inclusion of images and internal comments and workflow system.
  • Single Dashboard Integration: OKKAMI’s  staff ticketing system is designed to function seamlessly in today’s multi-channel environment and consolidate all customer communications into one unified dashboard. Even if the guest ends up working with a different staff member, all communication will be stored in the original ticket. 
  • Increased Staff Efficiency: Due to the level of organization and workflow of OKKAMI’s ticketing system, the staff always know which requests need to be resolved first based on ticket priorities. This level of organization improves staff efficiency and reduces human errors.
  • Analytics Details:  OKKAMI’s dashboard provides access to metrics to measure your staff performance and efficiency, as well as provide valuable insights into where you need to optimize your service operations. 

One platform with multiple hotel solutions, is the power of OKKAMI for contactless guest services. These services and features enable a direct communication line with guests, helping hotels to send out personalized offers and elevate the guest’s experience, increasing guest loyalty while boosting hotel revenue. Get in touch with us to learn about the staff ticketing system. Explore our full portfolio of other contactless features like chat, in-room dining, service booking, mobile key, room controls, guest fulfillment request & preventive maintenance, and much more!