Revolutionize Your Communication Strategy with OKKAMI’s Enhanced EDM Solution!

OKKAMI is excited to introduce our enhanced Email Direct Marketing (EDM) solution, designed to revolutionize your communication strategy. With a range of captivating layouts and powerful features, our new EDM offering caters to various hotel needs, including pre-check in, room readiness notifications, welcome emails, and more. Whether you have a dedicated app or not, our EDM solution is perfect for maximizing guest engagement and delivering a seamless experience.

Captivating Layouts for Engaging Content:

Our enhanced EDM solution comes with a variety of eye-catching layouts that are sure to grab your audience’s attention. From vibrant visuals to compelling text, we provide templates that are designed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you want to announce room readiness, deliver a personalized welcome message, or promote your gift store, our layouts are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Seamless Integration with Social Media and Chat Channels:

To further enhance guest engagement, our EDM solution allows you to include links to your favorite social media chat channels. By incorporating popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat, you can provide guests with alternative communication channels, making it easier for them to reach out with any inquiries or requests. This integration ensures a seamless and convenient experience for your guests.

Interactive Features for a Dynamic Experience:

We understand the importance of providing an interactive experience to captivate your audience. Our enhanced EDM solution allows you to include links to your digital menu, enabling guests to browse and explore the culinary delights your hotel has to offer. Additionally, we offer a seamless web link experience for guests to access your gift store, making it effortless for them to shop and find unique souvenirs or thoughtful gifts.

Perfect for Hotels Without an App:

Our EDM solution is ideal for hotels that do not have a dedicated app. By leveraging our enhanced features, you can still provide a personalized and immersive experience to your guests. From pre-check in emails that allow guests to confirm their arrival time and request transportation services, to room readiness notifications that inform them when their accommodation is ready, our EDM solution ensures a seamless guest journey from start to finish.`

OKKAMI’s enhanced EDM solution is a game-changer for hotel marketing and communication. With captivating layouts, integration with social media chat channels, and interactive features like digital menus and gift store access, our EDM solution caters to the evolving needs of modern travelers. Whether you have a dedicated app or not, our EDM solution empowers you to deliver personalized, engaging content and create unforgettable guest experiences. Elevate your email marketing strategy with OKKAMI and take your guest communication to new heights.


OKKAMI provides a comprehensive hospitality platform which includes IoT smart room controls, guests & staff request management, unified Live Chat platform, and a powerful CRM. Our solution helps partners to enhance revenue centres, streamline operations, and connect with customers. Today, OKKAMI services over 45,000 rooms globally across North America, Europe, and Asia, and includes over 75+ integrations with leading hospitality vendors. OKKAMI also specializes in implementing touchless features such as contactless check-in/out, QR code menus, digital compendium and more.