Supercharge your guest experience and enable gift shop items for purchase within App and Chat

How OKKAMI improves the guest experience by enabling the hotel, resort or property to sell items from the hotel shop online, within App and within Chat.

Operators in the world of luxury resorts and hotels have already been offering high end lifestyle services within their respective properties. OKKAMI sees this sector with enormous growth potential and enables the resort to easily promote and capture interest from the guest.

By incorporating a luxury gift shop or boutique into their range of products, hoteliers have discovered both a new source of revenue and created an area of pleasure for their customers. The luxury hotel shop allows guest to purchase items during their stay and create memories stimulated by their purchase long after they have left the property. By creating an environment for in-hotel shopping, the guest can conveniently purchase and take home which helps stimulate a repeat visit back to the property as it has been a familiar memory thanks to the item from the gift shop. This is a rapidly growing trend in the hospitality industry around the world, bringing with it huge interest and new prospects for increased profits.

Thailand, as a top tourist destination with some of the best tourist products in the world, is also a pioneer in this area, presenting unique and well thought out in-hotel shops in a large number of accommodations. Below, we have collected some very interesting hotel shops which OKKAMI has integrated into the guest experience:

Anantara Siam, Bangkok – Parichart Court Shopping Arcade

Located in the lobby level, the shopping arcade at Parichart Court offers everything from high-end clothing brands and genuine leather bags to original art pieces and rare antique items, stunning jewelry and one of the best whiskey and cigar bars in town. If you’ve enjoyed your sleep at Anantara Siam, visit the Restier luxury bedding shop. Discover exclusive shopping at Anantara Siam Bangkok.

Six Senses, Duoro Valley – Wine Tasting

The Six Senses Wine Team has prepared a carefully curated selection of on- and off-site wine tastings, sommelier tours and educational experiences to help you unlock the magical world of Douro Port and Wines.

As more and more hoteliers capitalize on converting spare hotel space into a luxury gift shop they are noticing an increase in revenue. It is an industry that, especially in recent years, has seen enormous growth worldwide. Travellers are increasingly inclined to buy items and souvenirs from the hotels in which they reside (be they clothes, fragrance space, shower gel/shampoo from the amenities of their rooms, up to pillows and mattresses in which slept!). Therefore, a modern and up-to-date hotelier should in no way overlook this tendency, making sure that it is optimally integrated into his business.